How You Can Make A Cushion From An Previous T-shirt In 5 Easy Steps

Is that outdated t-shirt headed to the garbage bin?

Cease! Do not waste. Recycle as an alternative. Do you know that you could recycle that t-shirt by altering it right into a comforable cushion?

Utilizing a needle, some thread and a pair of scissors, you’ll be able to sew up t-shirt and alter it right into a flat cushion. Then you’ll be able to plump it up with one other outdated t-shirt.hip hop shirts


Step 1 Flip that outdated t-shirt inside out.

You need the seams to be hidden from sight. By turning the t-shirt inside out, the seams you sew can be hidden once you invert the t-shirt later.

Step 2 Sew the underside of the t-shirt shut.

You create the underside seam of the cushion by stitching proper throughout the center of your t-shirt parallel to the hem, and again once more to guarantee that seam is robust. The surplus cloth from the center of the t-shirt to the hem could be used as stuffing when you invert the t-shirt at a later stage.

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