Children Craft for a Children Get together

Glue sticks

Massive laundry bin or different giant bin

Fill the bin with the inflated balloons.

Have an grownup measure the scale of every kid’s head, and make a strip of paper lengthy sufficient to go across the head with two to a few inches of overlap for fastening. Relying on what measurement of paper you began with, chances are you’ll must tape two strips collectively to make them lengthy sufficient.

Every baby then decorates their headband as they see match. The grownup then attaches the ends of the scarf so the kid can put on it.

When every baby has their headband prepared, have them line up in entrance of the bin full of balloons. Connected a circle of tape turned inside out to the entrance of every kid’s headband. Make it an enormous circle for the youthful youngsters, so it will likely be simpler, and a smaller circle for the older youngsters to create a problem.

Every baby will get a flip ‘bobbing’ for a balloon within the bin. This entails dipping their head in and making an attempt to stay a balloon to the circle of tape on the scarf. No arms can be utilized.

Children will love this recreation, and wish to play it time and again! In addition they get to take their headband residence with them as a part of their social gathering favours for the day.

Jewel Goodwin is a mom of two and an avid crafter. She likes to take tried and true strategies and add an modern twist to make her personal distinctive crafts.


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